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Do you use a Hotmail or AOL address for advertising your business?

People forget complex addresses they see at a fleeting glance.

Are you aware how easy it is to have your own domain name for email and web? -

or or

For £65 + VAT per year you could have upto 8 email addresses with a webmail interface, accessible from any Internet device ANYWHERE (also accessible via email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird).

  • Uses an easily remembered address based on your business name (even available with mirrored names Ė eg. use both the .com and variants to ensure you receive from those customers who didnít quite remember the address correctly)
  • Accessible from ANYWHERE you can get onto the Internet

We are a local business providing Internet services and IT support for local business.

Names based on your company name are available now at £65 + VAT per year. There are lots of other names available too.

30-day FREE Trial

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